Add LinkedIn To Your Social Media

June 15, 2016

LinkedIn should be looked upon as your business/professional social media platforms. Using all three and let's not forget Google+ and profession-specific social media platforms should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan for both yourself and your business.

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Ebooks: A great Way To Get Published

May 18, 2016

When you consider that Americans are accessing ebooks, enewspapers and emagazines at overwhelming rates, you can see why you need to have your ebook, the one that details your particular expertise, in front of those voracious readers.

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Tips To Effective Website Development

April 27, 2016

It's basically a virtual 24-hour-a-day business card. Your website is a place at which clients, and potential clients, can interact with you. The importance of a B2B (business-to-business) website and a solid website development plan is the foundation from which all of your other online marketing efforts spring forth.

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Five Reasons To Embrace Article Marketing

March 9, 2016

If your business isn't moving along as quickly as you'd hoped, you need to look at new avenues to amp up your visibility quotient and share your expertise. One way to do that – in a low cost, no cost way – is through writing articles and posting them on online article sites. Article marketing should be part of your overall marketing and promotions plan for your business; it offers myriad benefits and melds your other marketing and social media efforts.

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Making The Most Of The Time Spent On Facebook

February 10, 2016

Some critics of Facebook's social commerce say that aspect of Facebook is doomed to failure and the concept will be "a footnote in the pages of tech history." Whether this assertion is true or whether the companies that jumped into social commerce without a plan remains to be seen. As with any aspect of marketing for your company, time, effort and money should be allocated only after you've devised a well-rounded plan.; without an effective strategy almost any marketing plan – online or off-line – is doomed to failure.

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Planning A Successful Social Media Contest

January 6, 2016

Business owners are always looking for ways to find new customers and who doesn't love a contest?! Savvy business owners know that running a contest might be a great way to draw in new customers and offer rewards to existing ones. They also know that running a contest is a big undertaking and that it needs to be undertaken with care and caution.

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