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Ebooks Are A Great Way To Get Published


CNET Reported…

…more than eight million Android and Apple devices were purchased and more than five million Kindles were sold during the 2011 holiday season. When you consider that Americans are accessing ebooks, enewspapers and emagazines at overwhelming rates, you can see why you need to have your ebook, the one that details your particular expertise, in front of those voracious readers.

The benefits that your business will reap from the creation of an ebook simply can be measured in terms of the amount of books you sell and more importantly through the new clients that will flock to your door.

Why should you make an ebook part of your marketing strategy? Here are five reasons:

  1. Publicity – reporters are always looking for source matter experts and if you’ve written a book, you immediately elevate yourself above competitors that haven’t written one. If you have an ebook, you automatically come with credentials and reporters like to quote sources that bring with them credibility and prestige.
  2. Show your expertise. Many people can be in business and run successful enterprises but how many of those people have written books about it? If you find that your profession doesn’t have many books written about it, now’s your chance. If you are in an industry that lends itself to having books written about it, you need only put your own spin and unique take on it and get your ebook written and released.
  3. Extend your professional reach. Taking the information you’ve learned while in your profession and putting it into ebook format opens the door to readers and potential clients. If you’re already a consistent blogger you may have a built in audience; if you aren’t a blogger, now is the time to start!
  4. Set yourself apart. Writing an ebook is a great way to set yourself apart from the other professionals in your industry. Use portions from your book as a giveaway; tease the readers by giving a chapter if they sign up on your website for your newsletter.
  5. An additional revenue stream. While you may not get rich writing and selling your ebook, you can earn passive income from having your book available for such platforms as Kindle, iPad or Nook.

Whether you’re looking to build your email list, open doors to more speaking engagements, bring in passive income or to set yourself apart from your competitors, writing and publishing an ebook should be at the top of your marketing list.


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