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PPC Quality Score Explained

Quality Score

The split testing method demonstrates a creative way to test a single ad while not risking a large percentage of profitable impressions and clicks

In terms of quality score, it is a ranking given within the Google AdWords advertising platform and is comprised of a number between one and ten with ten being of highest quality. The exact score consists of numerous factors but is ultimately ranked by Google’s secret algorithmic system. Once the score is determined, it results in how successful a specific keyword or ad is performing. Understating the importance and aspects associated with QS will help to target consumers while increasing marketing efforts. It will also end up lowering costs and increasing conversions. It plays a crucial role in the performance and overall costs of a campaign. There is no doubt Quality Score plays a critical role in your success with the keywords you buy. As demonstrated with the following two formulas, QS is very important not only in terms of ad rank but the actual CPC as well.

  • Ad Rank = MaxCPC x Quality Score
  • Actual CPC = (Ad Rank just below yours ÷ Quality Score) + $0.01

As the formulas show, each factor plays an important role in a marketing campaigns success or failure. In order to maintain a profitable pay per click campaign, it is important that each factor is balanced and optimized on a regular basis. As the table below shows, each score has an impact on other elements and is depicted for informational purposes to show the strategies that need to be understood and utilized.

This table demonstrates the correlation between Max CPC, QS, ad rank and actual CPC. As QS decreases, so does ad rank, resulting in a higher paid CPC. The only way to counteract a low quality score would be to raise the max CPC. In doing so, you essentially allocate more budget per keyword raising the overall costs of the campaign and limiting your chances of reaching a larger target audience. As shown in the table, a QS of nine creates an opportunity for the advertiser to have a lower max CPC while still having the highest ad rank and lowest actual cost. It is important to remember that if a particular keyword or ad is not performing as it should, testing methods can help breath new life into a stale campaign.


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