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Spreading Your Message With Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Spreading your message with viral marketing creates a buzz around your brand.

Viral marketing, as defined by marketingterms.com, refers to a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. That is a very generic definition but does give a good sense of its purpose; to be passed along. At Search Revolutions, we like to think of viral marketing as the web 2.0, the social network highway connecting information and spreading it very quickly. Many commercials become viral based upon the consumers interpretation. If the video or commercial is intriguing or completely different, it typically gets viewed due to its uniqueness. When developing a viral marketing plan, the overall scheme of the project should be analyzed in order to give it the best chance to go viral.

Certain basic principles or best practices to viral marketing have been established over the past years. Things such as the length of the video and how well it holds the viewers attention are extremely important. Also, having a theme or focused video that tells a story helps to keep the viewer intrigued. It is important that the purpose is clear and not boring. Typically, humor holds the most value along with animals and children.
The specific consumer benefits typically come in the form of information or entertainment. The goal is to have a fun, inviting and informal videos allowing the viewer to learn and laugh. We provide customized keywords, badges, descriptions and tags to each video.

The viral marketing channel mix in which to focus most videos on is a variety of general and targeted social media sites. These include Facebook and other sites such as Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and others.  These should help to bring targeted and relevant viewers specifically looking for our clients’ hashtags and keywords. Other channels include:
Industry related blogs
Search Engine Rankings
Industry journals
Friend and family

We focus on the key influencers and major viral marketing and social network sites. It is important to remember that getting the information to the right hands can help to spread the message. Becoming viral is really an issue of what the public finds interesting, exciting, unexpected or funny. Our plan is to always push the viral marketing content through every available channel in order to give it the best chance to go viral!


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