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Will Pinterest Help Your Business Grow?


Pinterest Is Currently The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform…

Pinterest was gaining followers more quickly than even Facebook did in its early days. There are many ways a business owner can use it as part of an overall marketing strategy. Here are some items to consider before making the jump to adding Pinterest to your daily list of social media activities:

  • Does your business lend itself to a photo-heavy medium? If you’re a photographer, graphic designer, dog groomer, etc. chances are you have access to a lot of photos to post on your Pinterest Boards. If you’re an attorney or physician it may be a bit more difficult to find relevant photos to pin to your boards so consider using the site to make you more “human and approachable” to your clients or patients.
  • If you’re on Pinterest, add a “pin” button to your site so visitors to your site can pin your information and share your photos on their boards. Give people a reason to follow your boards. Whenever you post photos to your website or social media pages add a pin button to make it easier for individuals to share your information.
  • Keep your business Pinterest boards and your personal Pinterest boards separate. Use separate emails to segregate the accounts into business and personal.
  • Use your Pinterest boards as part of your overall marketing strategy. Use your Pinterest boards to define your company culture and build your brand. • Run a photo contest on Pinterest. Tweet about the contest and encourage individuals to post a photo of themselves with your brand or product. Encourage engagement and conversation just as you would on your social media status updates.
  • Comment on other boards. Follow others. Re-pin their photos. Be involved.
  • Don’t forget to set up your business profile.
  • Make use of hashtags when posting a photo to make it more searchable.

While you may be thinking that Pinterest is simply another social media platform that can take time away from running your business, but you need to look at it as yet another way to get your business known and to set you apart from the competition.


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