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Add LinkedIn To Your Social Media

Facebook And Twitter Are The Platforms For Personal Social Media… …but LinkedIn should be looked upon as your business/professional social media platforms. Using all three and let’s not forget Google+ and profession-specific social media platforms should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan for both yourself and your business. LinkedIn is a powerful platform for […]

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Social Media Tags

Tip To Effectively Utilize Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media For Your Marketing… “Everyone” says you have to be using social media for your marketing, right? What they may not explain is that although you do need to be found on social media sites, you need to be effective or you’re simply spinning your wheels and being part of the online noise […]

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Will Pinterest Help Your Business Grow?

Pinterest Is Currently The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform… Pinterest was gaining followers more quickly than even Facebook did in its early days. There are many ways a business owner can use it as part of an overall marketing strategy. Here are some items to consider before making the jump to adding Pinterest to your […]

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Virtual Doors

Making The Most Of Your Time Spent On Facebook

The Internet Has Been Abuzz With Rumors That Bing Name Retailers Are Going To Be Shutting Their Virtual Facebook Doors! Some critics of Facebook’s social commerce say that aspect of Facebook is doomed to failure and the concept will be “a footnote in the pages of tech history.” Whether this assertion is true or whether […]

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Ebooks Are A Great Way To Get Published

CNET Reported… …more than eight million Android and Apple devices were purchased and more than five million Kindles were sold during the 2011 holiday season. When you consider that Americans are accessing ebooks, enewspapers and emagazines at overwhelming rates, you can see why you need to have your ebook, the one that details your particular […]

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